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June 2009

Emotional Involvement - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

Ever left a meeting thinking to yourself, I should have said this, or why didn’t I say that? You’re not alone. Objective Management Group recognizes this as Emotional Involvement. When the stakes are high we often lose sight of objectivity. We become involved in the moment and lose control... More > >

Posted: Sunday June 28th, 2009

Money Tolerance - Hidden Weakness - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

Many years ago when my father purchased a new car, he was very self conscious about it and seldom allowed it outside of the garage. Since he had an hour drive to work and worked very early or late the car seldom got seen. Years later I discovered in speaking to my older brother that dad didn’t... More > >

Posted: Thursday June 25th, 2009

Is What Your Sales Manager Doesn’t Know Killing You? - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

What’s your sales manager doing? What are your sales people doing? Do you monitor and track their activities? Who holds them accountable for performance? How is your sales team currently doing?... More > >

Posted: Monday June 22nd, 2009

Prospect Likes You or He Respects You - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

Just like in dating when you hear someone say they “like you” in sales you know the next words that are coming from your prospect - they decided to go with another company for your product or service. Did you ever find out that someone you were interested just “liked you!”  Death knoll... More > >

Posted: Thursday June 18th, 2009

Kinnardly Diamond - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

Have you heard of the Kinnardly Diamond? Dave Kurlan’s Objective Management Group is providing us with some valuable insight into their sales assessment tools and training practices. The Kinnardly Diamond is a story of a salesperson with a hidden weakness, Steve. Steve is an example of someone... More > >

Posted: Wednesday June 17th, 2009

Decline - A Self-Inflicted Wound - How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In.

Not all companies deserve to last. That’s how Collins starts Denial or Hope a sub title to the chapter on Stage 5: Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death. You wish that this book had been completed before the government had issued its massive bailouts.... More > >

Posted: Tuesday June 16th, 2009

Waterline Principle - How the Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In.

How you ask a question can influence the outcome of your decision. In the case of the Challenger crash in 1986, somehow the question to launch got changed 180 degrees from “Can you prove it’s safe to launch?” the traditional launch decision question, to “Can you prove that it’s unsafe to... More > >

Posted: Friday June 12th, 2009


One of my clients consistently questions his ability to lead and achieve the success he desires for himself and for his business. While one might question his confidence, and at times his determination, the reality is that no one ever lives in a place of complete confidence. You only need to read... More > >

Posted: Monday June 8th, 2009

Is Time Running Out On What You Can Do To Impact Your Sales This Year?

One of our strategic partners for Gazelles Coaching [Rockefeller Habits] is Objective Management Group. Dave Kurlan, founder and CEO, attended the Growth Summit in New Orleans presenting to our group of Gazelles coaches powerful information on what to look for in assessing and improving sales... More > >

Posted: Wednesday June 3rd, 2009

Sales Benchmarking Pipeline to Quota - Greg Alexander New Orleans Growth Summit

Are you familiar with the term sales pipeline?    Are you currently measuring your sales pipeline? How is your company doing? If you monitor your sales pipeline, how is it doing compared to a year ago, and what does that tell you about your future?   Wouldn’t you like to have an indicator... More > >

Posted: Tuesday June 2nd, 2009