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Success Stories: Client Testimonials

We have had years of success coaching businesses and helping them improve their performance. Don't take our word for it though -- listen to what some of our customers have to say about their experience with Positioning Systems.

Listen to Scott Bennett of Nations Financial Group and the impact the 2-Day Private Rockefeller Habits Workshop has had on his business and staff.

[Total listening time 3 1/2 minutes]

Listen to Alan Rudy, of Express-Med on the value gained by implementing 'The Rockefeller Habits Checklist'. He explains how the checklist helped improve growth and profits, while reducing stress and providing him with more freedom. Watch The Video

Dennis Haefner and Ideal Computer Systems used metrics and a focus on customer service to transform their software business. Learn how Dennis was able to realize his dream of selling his business and going out on top. Download Article
Doug Wick began coaching our team a few years ago and brought an organized and focused approach to growth to our firm. Doug and I have had our conflicts in the past regarding when and what we should do, but looking back from the time we started to where we are today, and the success we’ve enjoyed since having Doug coach us, it’s been amazing!

Joseph Ferrell, P.E ~ BE-CI Building Engineering-Consultants, Inc.

Our staff has grown by almost 30% and we've seen more than a commiserate growth in revenue. We are equipped to grow even larger thanks in large part to the tools and guidance Doug has provided. Doug and Positioning Systems’ has been a key driver to our success, and I’m sure we wouldn’t be where we are without him.

Joseph Ferrell, P.E ~ BE-CI Building Engineering-Consultants, Inc.

“In 2013, in addition to growing sales dollars and market share, we cut our return beer rate (ROR) by over 35%. Nearly $600,000 less beer was double handled and brought back to the warehouse by your efforts.”

Mike Schulte, VP Sales ~ Fleck Sales Company

Through a One Thing Focus on Recruitment I was able to increase my business in the first twelve months from $36 million to over $57 million in sales in my real-estate business. Then to over $100 M in the next 18 months.

Steve Peterson ~ Peterson Investments, LTD

In November, Ideal had its best month ever! In fact, Ideal beat its next closest month by 46%. That’s a huge difference and the truth is that Ideal had a great year. And this winter looks to be our busiest ever. I do know how much you and the business development concepts have helped us and greatly appreciate that.

Dennis Haefner ~ Ideal Computer

For years it felt like we were in NASCAR going very fast but always seeming to end up in the same place. Now it feels like we’re on the freeway, we’re going a bit slower, but it feels like we are getting somewhere and have a direction. I’m finally feeling like everyone on the team has their shoulder to the wheel and is contributing.

Sat Singh ~ Autopia

“Two immediate takeaways from the workshop; our daily huddles [11:21’s as we call them.] vastly improved communication. Accountability increased, we see the horizon much clearer, making us proactive versus reactive and we are making much better decisions. Second, metrics have increased performance in the field 15% or more.”

Roger Vorhies ~ Schaus-Vorhies Construction

“Thanks for a great interaction and guidance over the years. you are excellent with listening and remembering everything that transpires during every meeting...analyzing, providing proven, researched industry best practices You are a great and excellent coach, prolific writer …..serious CEOs will not regret any money they spend to be part of your system. It has been key to getting me and Technology Center Inc. to where we are today -- I believe poised for a significant take off.

Henry Ful ~ Technology Center

2012 was the best year in the firm’s history. Strategic Discipline’s focus on priorities, meetings and metrics made a significant the difference in our ability to achieve our targets.”

Scott Ford ~ Cornerstone Wealth Management Group

“TOTALLY ON YOU'RE A GAME TODAY!!!!! NICE WORK. BEST JOB I HAVE EVER SEEN IN DRAWING OUT THE THOUGHTS IN EACH OF US AND PULLNG IT TOGETHER. Thanks for your support of our business and all of us as individuals!”

Mike Schulte, Vice President of Sales ~ Fleck Sales Company

“Daily Huddles are by far the best thing we’ve learned. Lots of our operations decisions have been made through the use of the daily huddle process. Having four daily huddles each day is a pain, yet it’s the most productive and best thing that’s happened to me as a manager.”

Burges Kerawalla ~ Autopia Car Wash

“Doug’s Four Decisions Workshop has allowed our company to focus on our top priorities for the year. With the use of the 1 page strategic plan, company and individual dashboards we are better able to track performance and measure results.”

Greg Mercurio, Service Delivery Manager ~ IFTI - Independent Floor Testing & Inspection, Inc.

"Just wanted to let you know our first Supper Huddle was a huge success!! Your help certainly was beneficial in its success!! Thanks again for all of your help!!!"

Tyna ~ Charge Team JPMA, Oakwood University,

Hey Doug, Not sure if Lee spoke to you recently regarding this but I want to thank you for all the advice on the matter. I had my topgrading review a few weeks ago and was able to present my case for a pay increase and was given what was asked. Thanks again for all the help Doug! Greg Mercurio Director of Operations 1850 Gateway Blvd., Suite 230 Concord, CA 94520 Direct (925) 305-2910 Cell (415) 328-8678 Office (800) 490-3657 ext. 210 Fax (877) 814-0338

Greg Mercurio ~ Independent Floor Testing & Inspection

"Pearson’s Law is true. When performance is measured performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back performance improves dramatically."

Roger Vorhies ~ Schaus-Vorhies Construction

"For the first time we have a clear company goal with everyone working towards that common goal. We are extremely excited to continue working with Doug in the future."

Greg Mercurio ~ Independent Floor Testing & Inspection, Inc.