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March 2009

Island of Java – One Thing

The following story comes out of the lore of the Island of Java. I’ve borrowed this story from Eric Butterworth’s book, Discover the Power Within You. 
A young man spied a beautiful girl on the highroad and followed her for a mile. Finally she turned and demanded, "Why do you dog my... More > >

Posted: Friday March 20th, 2009


Last evening I was watching TV with my wife and oldest child, Josh and my son started discussing the NCAA brackets and how one of the forms he had looked at didn’t have the ability to choose the play-in game winner as an option to win the next game. Of course I didn’t listen to him very well... More > >

Posted: Wednesday March 18th, 2009

Radical Change – Radical Stability

As Gazelles coaches our focus is working with growth companies.  Growing companies experience faster change that requires unique tools to respond to reduce or enlarge the impact these shifts can have on their business. With the present economy swirling the winds of change throughout US and the... More > >

Posted: Friday March 6th, 2009