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August 2008

Supporting Your Brand Promise

This past weekend I attended my oldest sons wedding in Fredericksburg, Virginia. While there several of us attending the wedding including my son Daniel took the time to visit several battlefields from the Civil War. That area of Virginia as several important battles from that era that had a... More > >

Posted: Friday August 29th, 2008

Who’s Heading Marketing?

Marketing is often considered to be a creative position. If you want your marketing to sparkle and get results you need to hire someone who has great creativity right? At Gazelles we’ve discovered that’s not necessarily true. Marketing is knowing who your cus­tomers are, where they are,... More > >

Posted: Thursday August 28th, 2008

Core Values

“I don’t need core values, I’m just a small business, why do I need to spend time working on core values?”
Yesterday working with one of my clients who has less then five employees he said to me, “preaching my core values has made all the difference in the world!” 
For some... More > >

Posted: Thursday August 7th, 2008   Updated: 8/28/2008


Answer for me today what is your #1 priority? Do you know it? Did you have to think about it, or did you just finish working on it? 
No matter what size your business is, do you believe your employees know what the number one priority for the business is?   Do you know? I can guarantee... More > >

Posted: Monday August 4th, 2008   Updated: 1/7/2011