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March 2010

Stretch Goals – Give Them a Head Start

How do you motivate action?  Whether it’s your employees or customers it’s a good idea to make them feel like they have a head start to the finish line.

We’ve all seen loyalty cards. In Switch, Chip and Dan Heath offer the story of a car wash offering their customers two slightly... More > >

Posted: Tuesday March 16th, 2010

Performance Reviews – A Good Idea Gone Wrong

If you’ve been watching any news of late you’ve seen several incidents where employees who have not received favorable performance reviews have gone off and actually murdered their peers or supervisors. If there’s an indictment against performance reviews or at least how they are being... More > >

Posted: Monday March 15th, 2010

Personal Mission Clarity – The Energy to Achieve

A number of coaches that our in my peer group disagree with the value of a personal mission statement. Perhaps more accurately they simply wish to get down to the business of working on the business right away. Perhaps that’s because they were born with the innate recognition of their personal... More > >

Posted: Thursday March 11th, 2010

Clarity Dissolves Resistance - Switch

It’s amazing how many business owners and executives fail to understand the importance of determining where they want to go. Nothing prevents growth like a lack of clarity and vision for the future. Without this vision it’s difficult to know your priorities.  ... More > >

Posted: Monday March 8th, 2010   Updated: 8/9/2011

Faith & Resolution – Strategic Discipline in Action

How often have you resolved to achieve a goal, failed at your first or second attempt and quit? If you are as guilty of this as I am, then realize you failed to muster sufficient strategic discipline to accomplish your desire. You didn’t commit, persist, train, learn or execute at the proper... More > >

Posted: Saturday March 6th, 2010   Updated: 8/9/2011

Delay Gratification – Strategic Discipline

Interruptions, distractions, technology and the speed that things change. It seems today that we are living in an ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] society. One of the biggest challenges with business today is the inability to stay focused and committed to your  top priorities.... More > >

Posted: Friday March 5th, 2010   Updated: 8/9/2011

Defining Your Culture Provides Better Hiring Fits

Recently I wrote [When You Know You Need to Make a People Change] about a client who hired and then quickly released a manager.   In an effort to better understand why they’d made a mistake, the owner and one of the managers who participated in the hiring process did an autopsy on the decision... More > >

Posted: Thursday March 4th, 2010

Make a People Change – Good To Great Discipline # 2

An employee who’s served the company for several years is a more difficult decision to release. My client felt that he had been covering for this person for some time and this individual was not reaching the goals that they’d set for the past two years. He acknowledged to me that he... More > >

Posted: Monday March 1st, 2010   Updated: 3/9/2010