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April 2008

Leadership Keys

What are the barriers to growth in the leadership level of our businesses? At small, mid size and even large businesses the two critical abilities for leaders is their ability to delegate and predict. ... More > >

Posted: Saturday April 26th, 2008

Improve Staff Performance 40%?

Can you really improve staff performance? What leads to superior performance, higher employee retention, and a better aligned organization? 
Many business owners feel the place to start building their business is with systems, metrics or accountability. I’m not going to argue that these... More > >

Posted: Saturday April 19th, 2008

Death by Meeting

Do you dread meetings? If you’re a business leader you may abhor having to attend meetings or simply having to prepare for them. Pat Lencioni’s latest book, Death by Meeting provides an inside look on what happens when meetings go wrong and offers a good road map for how to prevent meetings... More > >

Posted: Monday April 14th, 2008

Netflix Unlimited Vacations

Last time I told you I’d reveal Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings ideas about vacations. My title has already provided that answer. At Netflix, Reed Hastings believes that tracking vacations is an artifact of the industrial age. He believes his business should be all about inspiration rather than... More > >

Posted: Tuesday April 1st, 2008   Updated: 4/2/2008