Positioning Systems - Small Business Coaching



Why Positioning Systems?

Positioning Systems are business development experts. Do you know the difference between a business development expert and a coach or consultant? 

While a coach or consultant is one of the many, many, different things we do, coaches generally are limited to just asking questions and delivering accountability. Consultants are experts and provide specific solutions. Business development experts provide  accountability, ask probing questions, are experts with specific solutions; evaluate, assess, get into compensation, incentives, and recruiting, selection, sales management,  leadership and coaching. As business development experts Positioning Systems will help  your business in tracking, benchmarking, setting priorities, and developing metrics, help  you establish discipline, effective meetings and long term strategy. Positioning Systems  help you develop execution, team alignment, and exit/succession planning. Where our  expertise ends we have a cartel of partners to call on to help you get the expertise you  need in the specific challenge you wish to address.   As Gazelles business development experts we work with partners who can bring their specific expertise into your business to  help with marketing, sales, execution, and succession planning.  What's the biggest  issues that keeps you up at night? 

The key to your businesses growth is the right people doing the right things right.

Positioning Systems proven 4-3-2-1 formula of 4 decisions, 3 habits, 2 drivers and one catalyst provides our clients with measurable results including:

  • Two times the cash flow
  • Three times the profitability
  • Ten times the valuation of their industry competitors.
  • more time
  • less stress

Positioning Systems has provided hundreds of small businesses with the tools to make their business more successful and with that offered them the personal freedom they longed for.

Since 1998 Positioning Systems has provided our clients with business development coaching [Developed from Michael Gerber’s, E-Myth Revisited, Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It] providing our clients with what is the finest structured process for building a successful small business. As former Certified E-Myth Consultants we have devised an excellent complement of tools and experience that have helped our clients exceed their expectations.

Now in addition to the small business coaching, Positioning Systems is certified to provide coaching for mid sized business through the partnership tools provided by Gazelles International. Gazelles International is the premier executive development program for leaders of mid-sized firms with 30 – 2000 employees. Modeled after Dell Learning, Gazelles International goal is to bring:

  • Practical and actionable tools for managing growth
  • Exclusive access to world-class business and thought leaders
  • Preeminent workshops with high ROI

Gazelles International coaching is derived from Verne Harnish’ best selling business book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. Gazelles promise is “Growing Leaders, Growing Companies” so you can drive the expansion of your organization.

Positioning Systems Business Development Process is centered on the basic concepts that John D Rockefeller pioneered to build and become one of the first great entrepreneurs, creating the mega financial success that was Standard Oil. These ideals spotlight the best of current knowledge on business growth, gleaned from the most respected minds in the field. We've combined this with system fundamentals from sources like Good To Great, Built to Last, and the extensive Certified E-Myth Coaching experience to provide an unparalleled program guaranteed to bring you the success you want for your business and personal life. It is a 4-3-2-1 approach:

“The Right People Doing the Right Things Right”

Four Decisions

  • People
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Cash

Three Habits

  • Priorities
  • Metrics
  • Meeting Rhythms

Two Drivers

  • Reputation
  • Productivity

One Catalyst

  • Coach

Whether you’re a small business just starting or one that has been in business for many years, or you’re a mid-sized business seeking to grow and expand your horizons Positioning Systems offers you the tools to build your business to the vision you’ve always dreamed was possible.