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Emotional Involvement - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

Ever left a meeting thinking to yourself, I should have said this, or why didn’t I say that? You’re not alone. Objective Management Group recognizes this as Emotional Involvement. When the stakes are high we often lose sight of objectivity. We become involved in the moment and lose control of our emotions. It happens frequently when we have disagreements with our spouse, our children, and those things that matter most to us. Where we cannot allow it to happen is when we are closing a sales call.
The trouble with getting emotionally involved is we don’t listen, at least to the prospect. We lose sight of the moment and begin to listen to ourselves rather than the client. When we begin to listen to ourselves we over prepare and analyze. We think what are next move is rather than listening and responding directly to the client’s need. Why do you suppose we think of the things we should have said after we’ve left the meeting. Because our subconscious stored the prospects questions or comments and had we only remained calm and in the moment we would have had the proper answers to convey to them.
Responding emotionally can be analyzing, creating, worrying, panicking, getting excited and strategizing on the fly.  It is often the result of lack of preparation and the inability to simply respond appropriately and naturally. Moreover even if you have emotionally discipline as a strength it doesn’t make you immune to responding emotionally under the right or wrong conditions. 
Any number of factors can still influence your responses varying from a personal crisis, financial crisis to being new to your product or service, or perhaps being in an environment that makes you uncomfortable. 
Being able to stay in the moment is the key to controlling your emotions. Training on how to do this will help you increase your sales performance by 20% or more.  
Ever noticed how some people despite their exceptional abilities and talents seem predestined to fail or perform poorly in situations. This is the result of final hidden weakness Record Collection. We’ll explore Record Collection, what it means, how to improve it and how much it can mean to your sales improvement next blog. 

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