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November 2009

A Tree Guard Inspires

One of my client’s ,David Smith, this past spring visited a local nursery in the New Jersey area because he had tree seedlings that he wanted to protect from getting mowed down when he did the lawn. The representative provided him with a plastic sheath that surrounds the plant. With the... More > >

Posted: Saturday November 28th, 2009

Thanksgiving Message

My Thanksgiving this year will be a little smaller. My oldest brother Jim passed away in January of this year. He was the last of my two brothers alive. My closest brother died three years ago. My mother fell and broke her hip in October and has been struggling with the lack of mobility,... More > >

Posted: Wednesday November 25th, 2009

A Professional Football Players View of his Best Coach

A friend of mine and I meet for lunch with a representative of Sportsworld, a company dedicated to helping young people make positive choices. Devon McDonald graduated from Notre Dame as an honorable mention All American and played 4 years of professional football with the Indianapolis Colts and... More > >

Posted: Saturday November 21st, 2009

Short History of Media – How Social Media is shaping the future!

A major revolution took place in the 16th century, called the Protestant reformation. It’s not surprising that when we look back at those events we discover that much of these events were fueled by a major change in media at that time, specifically the invention of the printing press which... More > >

Posted: Friday November 20th, 2009

Performance Appraisals - More Oops!

Several weeks ago my son called me to have a father son discussion about his job. He’s an engineer at a naval technology company that primarily does work for the government. After several good years with the company he’s a bit disappointed in his compensation package, especially after he... More > >

Posted: Thursday November 19th, 2009

Influence Quotient – How good are you and your sales team?

Last week Verne Harnish’s newsletter [sign up here] reminded his readers of the opportunity to sign up for  Dr. Robert Cialdini’s first ever 90 minute LIVE video webcast Nov 17, noon -- 1:30pm ET. Having had the opportunity to see Dr Robert Cialdini speak at the Growth Summits, listen and... More > >

Posted: Monday November 16th, 2009   Updated: 11/2/2010

Cash – It’s Not a Problem Until You Probe

2008 and 2009 were rough years for the United States Automotive Industry. GM and Chrysler needed government bailouts and still may not make it. Car dealerships in this country are having a difficult time.... More > >

Posted: Saturday November 14th, 2009   Updated: 11/16/2009

PEOPLE Decisions

People challenges impact your happiness and can be either a source of energy or an emotional drain. People issues can include conflicts with a partner, a customer with too large apiece of your business, a supplier delaying your success, a key employee or two that’s disrupting the rest of the... More > >

Posted: Monday November 9th, 2009

Friday 3 PM – What’s Your Staff’s Spirit? – Value of a Theme

It’s Friday, 3 PM at Ideal Computer Systems. There’s a cute bee, a hillbilly, Abe Lincoln, a maid and other costumed characters gathering around a set of chairs preparing to model their outfits. ... More > >

Posted: Monday November 9th, 2009   Updated: 11/11/2009

The Challenge With Common Organizational Consequences – Aubrey Daniels – Dallas Growth Summit

The most powerful influence on human behavior discussed in our previous blog Recyclables Without Certain Consequences is PIC – Positive Immediate Consequence or a NIC – Negative Immediate Consequence. Aubrey Daniels asked us to look at the typical organizational consequences to help us see... More > >

Posted: Wednesday November 4th, 2009   Updated: 11/13/2011

Recyclables Without Certain Consequences – Aubrey Daniels – Dallas Growth Summit

The cameras are rolling. A TV station is recording Atlanta sanitation crews as they gather recyclable waste to dispose of in bins and containers on their sanitation trucks. Only they aren’t sorting the waste they’re dumping it in the trash. When discovered and reported the mayor proclaims... More > >

Posted: Monday November 2nd, 2009   Updated: 11/13/2011

PIC – Positive Immediate Consequence – Aubrey Daniels – Dallas Growth Summit

It’s Sunday so I’m going to lead with a football story Aubrey Daniels told at the Growth Summit. Your football team’s defense is practicing against the opponents tendencies they will face this week. Over and over they practice the same play so they know what to anticipate and respond to... More > >

Posted: Sunday November 1st, 2009   Updated: 11/13/2011