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November 2008

Tom Peters - Atlanta Growth Summit: Value of Checklist

Could there be a more compelling place for the need for accuracy in following directions to than in the ICU of a hospital?   The story in medicine today is that more people die from complications or infections received while they are in the hospital than from what brought them to the hospital in... More > >

Posted: Saturday November 15th, 2008

Tom Peters - Atlanta Growth Summit: We are the company we keep – Diversity Trumps Ability - Markets

If you’d like to know the truth about my feelings on Tom Peters, I like his ideas I just don’t like the fire hose approach. Too much information to gather in one setting. After awhile it gets too be too much to digest, and you know what happens when you’ve had too much to eat. I prefer to... More > >

Posted: Friday November 7th, 2008

Tom Peters - Atlanta Growth Summit [cont]: To Develop Others, Start with Yourself

Tom Peters offered so many ideas, many of them of the hodgepodge variety, it was like trying to drink from a fire hose. He shot so much, I could only absorb portions and still he didn’t touch all of the slides he had in his presentation. To view his entire slide show go to:  Click on Fortune... More > >

Posted: Monday November 3rd, 2008