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April 2009

Jimmy Johns Disappointment - A Website Failure

Does fast service make up for a disappointing attempt to place an order? My staff and I were at an outside location we frequent for our meetings. At about lunch time I made plans to purchase lunch and attempted to go on line to place an order with Jimmy John’s a sub shop that was close to where... More > >

Posted: Thursday April 30th, 2009

Provocative E-Book Boosts Sales Over 500% - New Orleans Growth Summit - David Meerman Scott

You’re a dentist in Boston, Massachusetts doing about $150,000 a year in private practice. You’re spending about $2000 a month in the yellow pages because that’s what just about every other dentist does in Boston to get business. So you decide to take a different approach. You publish and... More > >

Posted: Thursday April 30th, 2009

Ride the Rave - New Orleans Growth Summit - David Meerman Scott

The World Wide Rave is what’s going on through the Internet that can propel your business forward. David Meerman Scott is the author of The World Wide Rave and he provided a plethora of examples of all sizes of business that are taking advantage of the new media avenues through the Internet and... More > >

Posted: Wednesday April 29th, 2009

23 - 0 Chet Holmes Sales Victory - New Orleans Growth Summit

If you missed the last blog I’m here to repeat Chet Holmes message as to the greatest secret for small business success - pigheaded discipline and determination.
In my ten years of coaching, I have to agree that in most cases small business people give up far too early and quickly on... More > >

Posted: Saturday April 25th, 2009

Pigheaded Discipline and Determination - Chet Holmes - New Orleans Growth Summit

“Most business owners don’t get good because it requires discipline.” We tell our clients to work at One Thing, and the message from Chet Holmes is if you just focus on one thing you will double sales if you master it. The problem is, despite providing us with the 12 skill sets we... More > >

Posted: Saturday April 25th, 2009

Practice What We Preach

On the trip to New Orleans, Keith Cupp, President of Gazelles International, [the coaching arm of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits] got into a cab for his trip to Portland Airport.  The cab drivers name was Dan, and Keith quickly got into a conversation with him. He asked how long he’d been a... More > >

Posted: Monday April 20th, 2009   Updated: 5/8/2009

Growth Summit – Opportunity in this Economy

Attending the Fortune Small Business Growth Summit here In New Orleans, and is our customary procedures the Gazelles coaches meet the day before for learning, connecting, updating and polishing our skills. Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish lead off the first hour, and he provided the... More > >

Posted: Monday April 20th, 2009

Key Points – Great Depression Ahead [Harry S Dent Jr.]

If you’d like to view a 60 minute webinar video from Dent’s website that goes into more detail with graphs that detail his point of view please click here. If you are more into the short details here’s a synopsis that I received from one of our Gazelles coaches, Ron Huntington that covers... More > >

Posted: Tuesday April 14th, 2009

Harry Dent – Great Depression Ahead

While on vacation I had the opportunity to catch up on some reading. The book I chose to read, recommended by another Gazelle’s coach was The Great Depression Ahead by Harry S. Dent. 
My first response to the recommendation to reading this book was repulsion. I don’t want to believe we... More > >

Posted: Monday April 13th, 2009

One Thing – Right People on the Bus

When you’re a small family business it’s hard to get out of the technician mode especially if you’ve watched your father work in the business prior to taking it over. For years that’s been the problem for Rob Clark of Clark’s Lawn & Garden Equipment.   ... More > >

Posted: Monday April 6th, 2009

Ultimate Question Video

There's a quick explanation on what the Ultimate Question is and how it can work for you as well as how Intuit used Twitter to answer 40% their customers questions [not using their support but other customers answering thier customers questions] at higher rate of satisfaction than thier own... More > >

Posted: Saturday April 4th, 2009

One Thing - Communication

Scott and I had worked together for a period of time when he recognized that he wasn’t getting the satisfaction he’d like from his business and often made decisions to move in directions quickly without regard to the impact they might have on the business or his people. In fact it became a bit... More > >

Posted: Wednesday April 1st, 2009   Updated: 4/7/2009