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May 2009

Greg Alexander - Sales Force Design - New Orleans Growth Summit

Does the type of sales force you have matter to your teams sales success? Does the maturity model matter? Rhetoric questions perhaps, yet when Greg Alexander explained what sales type and maturity model meant to our group most of the group were either reassured or beginning to question whether... More > >

Posted: Tuesday May 19th, 2009

Dancing with an Elephant - Price Buyers - Mark Burton - Pricing With Confidence - NO Growth Summit

How does a mouse dance with an elephant?   Mark Burton, Holden Advisors, and author of Pricing with Confidence stated, he makes the elephant dependent upon him for his survival. Drink than in for a moment and allow it to make sense.  ... More > >

Posted: Thursday May 14th, 2009

Price, Can it Bring Back Demand? Mark Burton - Holden Advisors - New Orleans Growth Summit

What price is low enough to bring back demand? A number of businesses are facing this question right now. At what price do you believe it is possible for the automakers to bring demand back for new cars right now?   If you don’t believe that’s possible, ask yourself why have you ever... More > >

Posted: Wednesday May 13th, 2009

The Tip of the Iceberg - Your Brand Promise

It’s 1960, and you borrow $500 to open your business. You and your brother are partners, but a year later your brother wants out, so you trade a Volkswagen Beetle for your brother’s half. You’ve got some ideas, probably strange ideas for the business you are in [pizza restaurant] and in... More > >

Posted: Monday May 11th, 2009   Updated: 12/19/2014

The Importance of Leading Indicators - Victor Cheng - New Orleans Growth Summit

“Leading indicators are much more important now than the numbers looking back historically.” These were Victor Cheng’s words as he discussed the rules for surviving in the new economy. You need to solve a problem that gets worse in a recession, and if there is no demand, or failing demand... More > >

Posted: Thursday May 7th, 2009

The Most Mediocre Lover in the World - Victor Cheng - New Orleans Growth Summit

“I’m the most mediocre lover in the world!”   Is that something you would like to announce? In a struggling economy the first thing that disappears is the middle. If your business is mediocre you are going to be challenged. In a boom economy you can be average and still be successful,... More > >

Posted: Tuesday May 5th, 2009

No One Has a Clue What’s Going to Happen - Victor Cheng - The Recession Proof Business

Not even Warren Buffet is willing to predict what’s going to happen in the economy, if you watched Good Morning America today. That was Victor Cheng’s message at the Fortune Small Business Growth Summit as well. ... More > >

Posted: Monday May 4th, 2009   Updated: 5/5/2009

3 Simple Questions - Guerilla Marketing - Al Lautengslager New Orleans Growth Summit

It’s surprising that many of us have been in business for many years and yet have not taken the time to answer three simple questions that would make our marketing easier. Chet Holmes said the secret to success is pigheaded discipline and determination. Yet most of us fail to have the... More > >

Posted: Sunday May 3rd, 2009