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July 2009

Vacation - Rest & Recovery

I’m going on vacation. Today! The question is are you? Have you gone on vacation this year? If so, how often and for how long?   In America for some reason we don’t vacation often enough or don’t feel vacation have the value they should.   It’s almost as if we have to die and be... More > >

Posted: Thursday July 23rd, 2009

Are Your Salespeople Holding You Hostage?

How can my sales people be holding me hostage? Even if you reward your sales people primarily on commission, your best sales person, the person you’ve long seen as the best producer, may be holding you hostage and actually impeding the progress of your company. Objective Management Group... More > >

Posted: Thursday July 23rd, 2009

Awareness - Objectivity Versus Subjectivity


One of the biggest obstacles in business is continuing awareness of our own limitations and those of our business. Recently I explained to one of my clients the importance of Objectivity and Subjectivity in your business. Objectivity requires a high altitude view of the business and being... More > >

Posted: Thursday July 16th, 2009

Crucial Success Elements - Desire, Commitment, Outlook, Responsibility

It would be hard to argue with the importance that any of these four crucial success elements have on sales performance.    Wouldn’t it be great to discover whether your sales people have these crucial success elements and how they can actually improve in these and the areas of weaknesses... More > >

Posted: Saturday July 11th, 2009

Crucial Success Elements - OMG Sales Assessment & Training

In 1974 while a senior in college I naively started my career in sales.  Little did I realize how that would propel me to become such a student of sales motivation and performance. At the time I was taking broadcasting classes.  One of my teachers, who had work for a large advertising... More > >

Posted: Wednesday July 8th, 2009

Five Major Sales Weaknesses - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

In our sales evaluation training we discovered there are five major weaknesses that derail sales performance. Each of these when fixed can improve sales performance 25-50% or more. The following is taken directly from Objective Management Group’s President and author Dave Kurlan’s White... More > >

Posted: Thursday July 2nd, 2009   Updated: 11/28/2012

Record Collection - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

Since Michael Jackson’s passed away I can’t seem to get the song “Man in the Mirror” out of my head. Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head and no matter what you do you can’t get it out?   Record Collection, Objective Management Group’s last of five hidden weaknesses is like... More > >

Posted: Thursday July 2nd, 2009