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October 2009

Why Do Great Winners Have the Discipline to Leave Growth on the Table? Jim Collins - Dallas Growth Summit

Is it important to control growth?   With our Gazelles growth clients we reinforce that growth sucks cash. However Jim Collins pointed out a number of reasons why leaders who succeed recognize when they should leave growth on the table.... More > >

Posted: Thursday October 29th, 2009

On The Way Up – On the Way Down – Leadership Dynamics That Matter Most – Jim Collins cont.

There are some important if not critical lessons in How the Mighty Fall that all business leaders ought to be aware of. It’s in Stage three, Denial of Risk and Peril, that Collins offers differentiators between teams that are on the way down versus those that are on the way up. No matter... More > >

Posted: Wednesday October 28th, 2009

Are You a Plow Horse or a Race Horse? Jim Collins – Dallas Growth Summit Cont.

Level Five leaders have had a charisma bypass! That’s how Jim Collins started describing the level five leaders. It’s not about personality, it’s about channeling everything into something other than themselves, and that is the business. They have an intense passion, an almost unhealthy... More > >

Posted: Monday October 26th, 2009

Why You Should Be Terrified of Your Success – Jim Collins – Dallas Growth Summit, Cont.

We’ve all known friends or relatives who have cancer, and yet you wouldn’t know it by the way the act or the way the look.   My oldest brother Jim, who all though he was a quadriplegic for 36 years, when he was diagnosed with cancer, it was impossible to tell by the way he responded to... More > >

Posted: Saturday October 24th, 2009

Three Categories of Company’s – Jim Collins - Dallas Growth Summit

Jim Collins presentation provided a wealth of information.  I hope you’ve read the blog on developing a Key People Indicator for your company and begun to track this. 
Here’s what Collins offered on the present economic storm and what it’s taught us. If you went into the storm... More > >

Posted: Friday October 23rd, 2009

Email, In box and Voicemail - David Allen - Dallas Growth Summit cont.

When was the last time you were able to get your combined total in your email inbox, in basket and voicemail to zero?
That’s the question David Allen [author of Getting Things Done, Making It All Work] asked at the start of his presentation. Our audience was able to respond through the... More > >

Posted: Wednesday October 21st, 2009   Updated: 12/29/2011

Jim Collins –Your Company Key Indicator for People - Corrections [Dallas Growth Summit]

If you’re a Jim Collins fan you know that in Good To Great he preaches First Who Then What. Collins was enormously entertaining and educating. If you’ve heard him speak you’re amazed at his ability to proficiently use the language. He reminded me of a socially acceptable and completely... More > >

Posted: Tuesday October 20th, 2009

Greatness Is A Conscious Choice – Switch

Verne Harnish joined us today with some terrific insights. One of our coaches reminded me of the reason why when we worked with Robert Bloom to create Positioning Systems Inside Advantage I immediately fell in love with Bob’s idea to make ours “Strategic Discipline.” It’s the embodiment... More > >

Posted: Monday October 19th, 2009

Four Drivers/Components of Revenue; Einstein’s Greatest Invention of All Time

Simple business 101 leads you to believe that most business owner would know what the four drivers or components of revenue are. Knowledge of these drivers provides the insight on what you need to produce revenue growth. Yet most business owners don’t know. When one of our coaches asked this... More > >

Posted: Sunday October 18th, 2009

What Your Business Can Learn From The United Way

Getting ready to leave early tomorrow morning for the Fortune Small Business Growth Summit for our Gazelles Coaches Meetings that precede it and to hear Jim Collins, [Good to Great, Built To Last, How the Mighty Fall], David Allen [Getting Things Done, Making It All Work], Aubrey Daniels [Bringing... More > >

Posted: Saturday October 17th, 2009   Updated: 11/2/2010

Best Buy’s Core Score

Imagine a number that by increasing it by just 2% you could increase your bottom line by $70 Million in profit. That’s what Brad Anderson former CEO at Best Buy discovered and established when he determined what the company’s core score should be. ... More > >

Posted: Tuesday October 13th, 2009

Core Score

My traveling to Wisconsin each week has given me plenty of windshield time and an opportunity to listen to a few of the books I have from audible that I’ve listened to previously. Marcus Buckingham’s book, The One Thing You Need to Know, is one that ties in closely to Aubrey Daniels’... More > >

Posted: Monday October 12th, 2009

Blog Gap

You may have noticed a gap recently in the frequency of my blogs. That’s because about 3-4 weeks ago my mother fell at her home in Princeton, Wisconsin and broke her hip. Between the calls and trips to Fond du Lac where she is recovering I’ve not had as much time to write. She’s on the... More > >

Posted: Wednesday October 7th, 2009