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Prospect Likes You or He Respects You - Objective Management Group Sales Assessment & Training

Just like in dating when you hear someone say they “like you” in sales you know the next words that are coming from your prospect - they decided to go with another company for your product or service. Did you ever find out that someone you were interested just “liked you!”  Death knoll for anything romantic wasn’t it?   Well the same is true in sales. 
A salesperson can do everything nearly perfectly. Yet their attempts to make the buyer like you fail if the prospect doesn’t trust and respect the salesperson and they fail to ask the tough questions. In fact their desire to make the prospect like them will invariably get in the way of getting the sale. It’s a hidden weakness, Objective Management Group calls Need for Approval
Our development trainer, Rocky offered the following exchange he had with a client as evidence of the need to ask tough questions and risk your need for approval. Rocky had gotten to the closing stage with a prospect he was working with. The prospect made several comments that they needed some help with their sales effort and yet despite this they were doing okay right now but would be happy to look at what he had to offer. Rocky responded with, “When did you begin to accept mediocrity?”   It took the prospect aback and for several long agonizing seconds he [prospect] didn’t know what to say. It had the hint of being rude; however the question was certainly direct. It made the prospect think. 
When a prospect tells you he needs what you have to offer, and then backpedals, denying what they had already told you, it’s important that you as the salesperson have the moxie to call them on it. In this economy your sales person’s need for approval maybe costing you a great deal.  
Many salespeople fail to get orders because they want approval rather than the sale.  They’d rather walk out with a maybe then get a yes or a no. A salesperson that is not afraid to hear no does not need approval. These are the type of salespeople you want on your sales force. In fact when your salespeople overcome their need for approval you will increase your business approximately 35%. 
Need for Approval [Look for Sales personality – Need for Approval Alice] is just one of the five hidden weaknesses that are limiting your sales performance. We’re going to get to the other three that can each increase your sales 25% or more after our next blog, but first we’re going to discuss how your sales manager is dramatically affecting your sales team’s performance. This effect is not about what he’s doing, it’s about what he’s preventing from happening just by working for you. 

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