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Faith & Resolution – Strategic Discipline in Action


How often have you resolved to achieve a goal, failed at your first or second attempt and quit? If you are as guilty of this as I am, then realize you failed to muster sufficient strategic discipline to accomplish your desire. You didn’t commit, persist, train, learn or execute at the proper level to reach the desired outcome.

My client’s goal was to find a successor for his business. I detailed his efforts in my last blog. [Delay Gratification – Strategic Discipline] When his initial efforts failed to find someone in the immediate area, he decided to take a new track. He would find a professional, who may not be prepared or experienced enough to become his successor, yet would help with the increasing workload the company was experiencing to help continue its growth. 

If you believe in synchronicity or perhaps in Napoleon Hills quote, "The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help,"   then perhaps you will not find the outcome of my client’s 1st quarter priorities surprising. 

The search for a successor failed in 2009, yet the moment he renewed his interest in finding a professional and released himself from the successor, his first efforts to search for an attorney yielded not only many qualified candidates but one who had just moved to his area and was exactly the profile he had hoped to find previously in a successor. 

Anxiety and caution was soon replaced with excitement and anticipation. My client met this person while they both were attending an industry conference, and the subsequent CIDS [Topgrading] interviews confirmed the candidate was real.   Offered the position would they accept? Would they leave the position they were already in, with plenty of job security and financial reward, to pursue their career choice where despite its “dream” opportunity, entrepreneurial risks loomed. 

Last week Monday, the candidate said yes, despite her present employer offering her more financial reward and responsibility to stay. 

Of course there are hurdles now to traverse that will determine whether or not this move will be successful for both parties. As a friend of mine once told me, the decision isn’t generally good or bad, it’s what you do after you make the decision that determines whether it was right or wrong.

Based on the track record of my client, he and his teams commitments to reach goals and the preparation they put in to finding this person, I’m betting on their success together. 

The point: once you commit to your business priorities, persistence and determination ultimately produce your desired outcome. The problem isn’t that we can’t reach our goals. The failure is in determining what we want and then maintaining the Strategic Discipline to eventually achieve it.  Would you agree? Please leave a comment. 

Next blog we’ll discuss the importance of clarity.  


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