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Sales Benchmarking Pipeline to Quota - Greg Alexander New Orleans Growth Summit

Are you familiar with the term sales pipeline?    Are you currently measuring your sales pipeline? How is your company doing? If you monitor your sales pipeline, how is it doing compared to a year ago, and what does that tell you about your future?   Wouldn’t you like to have an indicator like this to know what’s happening in your business? 
Greg Alexander spoke about the impact your pipeline provides. He also provided a metric for pipeline to quota. That number represents the number of qualified prospects you have that may purchase your products or services against the number you established as you quota/goal. You may remember from an earlier blog on the value of leading indicators in this present economy.  This is truly one of the most valuable leading indicators you can have to predict your sales performance.
Greg noted that a healthy number to have is a five to one ratio. The warnings for our present economic situation showed up late last year. Greg noted that in the 4th quarter the numbers his group gathers on pipeline to quota had dropped to the worst they had ever recorded, less than 1 to 1. He gave us some confidence for the future by sharing that the 2nd quarter pipeline to quota number had rose to 2.9 to 1.
If you’re unaware of it, the second quarter is almost over.   Apparently a lot of owners and CEO’s are not aware of it, nor are they aware of how long it takes to right a ship that is going in the wrong direction. Our next blog will discuss the importance of recognizing where you are and realizing how long improving your sales team and their performance can take to impact your business. 

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