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July 2008

Letter from The Flood of 2008

After much delay, the following is a letter from my co-worker Troy Simon's wife recounting the days leading up to and events surrounding the loss of their home during the June flooding in Cedar Rapids:... More > >

Posted: Wednesday July 30th, 2008

Litmus Test

Last blog I mentioned one of my clients who is in the business of selling copiers. He’s struggled for a long time with his sales process and has been continually refining it to get it down to a system he can depend on. He’s done several things in this area including developing a recruiting... More > >

Posted: Wednesday July 30th, 2008


A couple of my clients are having issues with their employees right now. One of them a copy sales company has had issues with performance with his sales people and has been continually working to find the right balance of stress and nurturing to get production. More on that in the next blog.... More > >

Posted: Thursday July 24th, 2008


What is the sense of urgency in your business?   Having worked with and visited businesses throughout my life I can tell you that there is a profound difference that is evident in the urgency with which businesses conduct their business. Indeed even the calmness and flow of the work being... More > >

Posted: Tuesday July 22nd, 2008   Updated: 11/21/2011

Business News Suggestion

Each week as business owners we have a lot of priorities and seldom do we consciously plan to get updates on what’s new in business. As the leader of your team I admire you if you are currently proactive each week and perhaps even each day to keep up on the country and global economy, if you... More > >

Posted: Friday July 18th, 2008   Updated: 7/29/2008


The dictionary defines oscillate as: 1.to swing or move to and fro, as a pendulum does. 2. To vary or vacillate between differing beliefs, opinions, conditions, etc.: He oscillates regularly between elation and despair.... More > >

Posted: Friday July 18th, 2008

Stress Lessons from Apollo 13

Having just returned from two weeks of vacation and having read the book Stress for Success by Jim Loehr [he co-authored The Power of Full Engagement with Tony Schwartz, a book I highly recommend], I can tell you I learned first hand the value of having too much relaxation as opposed to too much... More > >

Posted: Saturday July 12th, 2008