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23 - 0 Chet Holmes Sales Victory - New Orleans Growth Summit

If you missed the last blog I’m here to repeat Chet Holmes message as to the greatest secret for small business success - pigheaded discipline and determination.
In my ten years of coaching, I have to agree that in most cases small business people give up far too early and quickly on achieving what they want. They allow their people, insecurities and rationalizations to fritter their dreams away.
According to Chet Holmes there are 12 areas of mastery that make all great companies. Chet is a martial arts expert and he learned very early that being exceptional in martial arts wasn’t mastering 4000 things, but rather doing a dozen things 4000 times so that he was exceptional at those 12. The real key, of course, is using pigheaded discipline and determination to achieve mastery in each of these areas. And they are:
1.     Strategy - 99.9% of all companies are tactical. They cannot even define what strategy is as it relates to business.
2.     Commitment to The Three P's. What makes great companies is great planning, procedures that are tested to perfection and company policies that set the bar of "minimum level of acceptable performance."
3.     Commitment to training. A bad sales force can be made great with constant training.
4.     Maximizing productivity and time mgmt. Every person at every level must plan their day. If you're reacting all day, you will function at 25% of your potential.
5.     Workshops and causing constant improvement. Put something on the
whiteboard every week and work on it to improve it.
6.     Hiring star talent as a growth strategy.
7.     The high art of getting the best buyers.
8.     Look at your "Seven Musts of Marketing" each and every week.
9.     The power of visuals and presenting can triple results from the same moves
you're already making.
10.   Sales skills must be worked on weekly.
11.   Follow up skills must be an area of mastery.
12.   All of this must work together as ONE cohesive approach.
Toward the end of Chet’s presentation he offered a series of DVD’s and CD’s from his own arsenal of tools and materials as well as several other well known marketing people including Jay Abraham to his audience. His close for these program lasted about 26 minutes. He offered his Business Growth Mastery 3.0 Home Study Program worth $10,000 plus these other programs for a total value of $15,395, all for the price of just $2995 if you purchased that day. He even offered an hour of his time personally coaching the first four businesses that got up and ordered it. 
The result – Chet sold 23! Chet’s presentation and first 3 ½ hours were compelling and loaded with great information and ideas. Interestingly enough the next day Victor Cheng presented The Recession Proof Business which I enjoyed even more. During his presentation Victor asked permission to present an offer which was for just $1 and included a money back guarantee to pay $500 if you were completely satisfied. His package was $997 for 3 months, equivalent to Chet’s pricing. Victor I discovered didn’t sell even one.
Why? Despite the fact that I loved Victor Cheng’s presentation, Victor spent not even one minute explaining what he was offering. It was difficult for his audience to perceive the value he was presenting. Whereas Chet Holmes I thought went on too long and might have even been a bit arrogant in his presentation, he was much more effective. We’ll get into Victor’s powerful material in an upcoming blog, however it should be particularly interesting for you to recognize that despite your audience liking you, even enjoying and embracing your message, you must be effective in making sure they understand the value of your offering. If I’d have any advice for Victor it would be to spend more time enticing his audience with the value of his offering and what benefit we would receive by purchasing it. That was entirely unclear by his short description. 

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