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One Thing - Communication

Scott and I had worked together for a period of time when he recognized that he wasn’t getting the satisfaction he’d like from his business and often made decisions to move in directions quickly without regard to the impact they might have on the business or his people. In fact it became a bit of a joke in his business among his employees that whenever Scott got an idea or began working on something they would chuckle about how long he would stay focused on this before something new arrived and he abandoned it to work on the next latest thing. 
In late December Scott decided his latest thing would be Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. We gathered his managers and department heads together to work for two full days on the 4-3-2-1 formula for results we provide and focused on determining his priorities and his One Thing. We worked through this, engaging his staff, getting Scott to admit to them some of the challenges he has had in the past staying focused and this time determining what his #1 priority was and the top 3 priorities for the business for 2008. 
The result Scott feels is a refreshing change to his business. We determine the number one priority was communication, starting with his own clear concise announcement of the direction for the business. The first quarter focus was communication and the development of meeting rhythms.    I’m sure Scott would tell you that this theme and #1 priority has been a resounding success. They’ve not only were able to install the meeting rhythms, improve internal and external communication, but these efforts also resulted in a record January, and resolved some of the issues they’ve had long standing in the organizational functions of the business. 
Scott feels confident about the future and expressed to me that they can move on to tackle some of their next priorities now that they have installed better communications within the business.
There’s a supplement to this story that didn’t materialize until about 3-6 months later. It resulted in a significant influx in capital for Scott’s business that his business recieved as a bonus for making the transition. This increase would not have occurred if not for the improved communication that the daily huddles and meeting rhythms provided his firm. The meeting rhythms allowed his staff to cope with a significant challenge and alerted Scott he needed to make a significant change in his business in order to better cope with the changing technologies and provide better service to his customers. 
So my question is what is your One Thing? 

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