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Ride the Rave - New Orleans Growth Summit - David Meerman Scott

The World Wide Rave is what’s going on through the Internet that can propel your business forward. David Meerman Scott is the author of The World Wide Rave and he provided a plethora of examples of all sizes of business that are taking advantage of the new media avenues through the Internet and how with little investment your company can make impressive impact.Like to improve your business by 5 times? Take a look at what a small blender company like Blendtec did with just a few videos on YouTube. Light bulbs, golf balls even an iPod. He blended it all through a parody of David Letterman’s Will it Float idea. 
The key to winning on the Internet is to identify who your persona is. The winners are those businesses that can truly recognize who their buyers are and then link to and speak directly to them. If you are speaking to a market or a nameless faceless person you are missing the point. David’s presentation has got me and my team rethinking our website and thinking of whom it is that visits us. We’re going to break our personas down it to several groups and identify them as one character, or perhaps I should say caricature so we can really feel who that person is. 
David recommended we think like a publisher and focus on what we want our buyer to believe. 
Anyone can do this and with mini Flip video as low as $179 and Blackberry and other phones for less offering video recording there’s no reason you can’t afford it.
Dave offered 5 options he tried himself through the Internet to promote his latest book the World Wide Rave. He tried a comedy video [he classified as a dismal failure], free e-book [spectacular success], Free Amazon Kindle download [Solid Success], Twitter – “Tweet up at NASDAQ” [Pretty good], and finally a Poster Video [Dismal failure]. 
If you don’t believe you can make videos and do this type of activity on the web I suggest you take a look at the Century 21 Realtor who won $21,000 for his work from his parent company for the video he created, “Steak Out in Franklin, MA  or this risqué video from a wholesale plumbing distributor for a toilet, “Say No to Dirt.”    It’s a terrific example of what just a bit of creativity and knowledge about the Internet can do for your business. 
Still have reservations?   Next blog, a story about a dentist who grew their practice from $150K to $1 million in revenue with an e-book. 

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