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Thanksgiving Message



My Thanksgiving this year will be a little smaller. My oldest brother Jim passed away in January of this year. He was the last of my two brothers alive. My closest brother died three years ago. My mother fell and broke her hip in October and has been struggling with the lack of mobility, freedom and independence that her new restrictions have placed upon her at 89.   My father has been gone since 1989.
Sometimes the very things we have to be thankful for we don’t truly recognize until they are gone. My wife discovered a lump on her breast and had a surgical procedure to remove it several weeks ago. The blessing is that no cancer was found! I’m grateful this thanksgiving for her and all the blessings we all have in this country we live in. While the economy suffers, many people are without jobs, or are struggling with concern for their financial situation what I have to be thankful for continues to increase.   It is said that what we think about increases. I believe that, and I hope you do to. 
With that in mind I would ask you to consider this Thanksgiving what you are thankful for, not just because it is Thanksgiving, but so that by thinking upon it the abundance of the universe will enable it to increase for you. By dwelling on the good that you already have, you create a fertile place in your mind for it to continuously grow. Let your mind dwell often upon what you have and desire so that you would increase it.  
My Thanksgiving message is thank you for reading these blogs, your generosity and past business. May you be blessed with joy in your relationships, and recognize the abundance that you have all around you to truly achieve whatever it is your heart desires. 

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