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Influence Quotient – How good are you and your sales team?



Last week Verne Harnish’s newsletter [sign up here] reminded his readers of the opportunity to sign up for Dr. Robert Cialdini’s first ever 90 minute LIVE video webcast Nov 17, noon -- 1:30pm ET. Having had the opportunity to see Dr Robert Cialdini speak at the Growth Summits, listen and read his books, I can assure you that when Verne offers that he is the leading expert on Influence and Persuasion, and as an author considered by critics one of the top 100 business books of all time and by most in the Top 10, he is on target. If you have the opportunity, consider signing up for his video webcast tomorrow. 
Would you like to find out how good you and your team of influences are?   Take the Influence Quotient [IQ] Test by going to this link. It’s just ten questions; however you’ll find yourself debating the answers and learning some valuable lessons that you didn’t realize you needed to know on how to influence others.
Cialdini’ helped Obama’s campaign efforts and you can learn more about his Persuasion Principles on Consistency here, as well as the remaining five on Scarcity, Authority, Consistency,  Consensus – Social Proof and Liking.
Are you still doing performance reviews?   A conversation with my son on his disappointment with his job, and the result of a good performance review spotlight my next blog and why Aubrey Daniels included Performance Appraisals as one of his thirteen management practices that waste time and money in his best selling business book Oops!

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