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A Tree Guard Inspires



One of my client’s ,David Smith, this past spring visited a local nursery in the New Jersey area because he had tree seedlings that he wanted to protect from getting mowed down when he did the lawn. The representative provided him with a plastic sheath that surrounds the plant. With the protective tree guard and small holes around it David was concerned that the trees wouldn’t get any light and this would stunt their growth. The customer service rep indicated quite the contrary; in fact his response was that by limiting the sunlight coming in horizontally, the tree would grow to reach the light from above helping it to grow straight and tall, actually improving and speeding its growth.
This inspired David so much he applied the principle to his life. He recognized that when we have restrictions and limitations, we create, innovate, and learn how to overcome them. In most cases real benefits come through these so called disadvantages. David realized that if he restricted his time to work he would be required to discover ways to get more done in the time allotted and delegate to others those tasks he could no longer make time to complete. David has an very busy schedule, his days are laid out precisely, almost down to the minute, yet he finds time each day to spend with his family and his deep spiritual beliefs and also never works on weekends. He’s done this through limiting the time he allows himself to work. He’s had to be creative and ingenious in order to put his energy into what he values most.
David also followed a rule from a book I strongly recommend, The Ultimate Secret To Getting Absolutely Everything You Want, by Mike Hernacki. The rule states, “In order to accomplish something, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.”   A secret here is what it does not say. It does not say that you must actually do whatever it takes. Actual physical doing is not the key. Hernacki goes on to explain that Western culture is accustomed to taking in action. We’re doers, achievers! Intention he states is much more important that the actions that flow from it. 
In David’s example it’s amazing what he’s accomplished to not compromise his intention, and not only has he done a great deal to get to a place where he works largely 9 – 5 PM, but he still able to run a very successful law practice.  You’d be just as amazed at what he didn’t have to do to get to his goal. As Hernacki explains, "The truth is, when it comes to getting results, intention is more important than action.  What you make up your mind to do is more important than what you actually do..... When you form an intention and keep fast to it, you will eventually achieve the results you want."

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