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Crucial Success Elements - Desire, Commitment, Outlook, Responsibility



It would be hard to argue with the importance that any of these four crucial success elements have on sales performance.    Wouldn’t it be great to discover whether your sales people have these crucial success elements and how they can actually improve in these and the areas of weaknesses they have?
Objective Management Group Sales Evaluation Assessment can not only discover individual strengths and weaknesses, it can also discover your sales manager’s strengths and weaknesses, where he is spending his time versus where he should be and exactly how well your sales staff is matching the goals and vision of your business. 
It’s been said that “prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.” That’s exactly what occurs if you begin sales training without understanding what the particular needs of your sales staff are.   Each individual in your sales staff has specific weaknesses that need to be addressed. Your staff may not be following your sales process; in fact you may not have a well defined sales process, which should be an immediate frustration to address. The sales staff may not even be aligned with what your philosophy for pricing and quality is for your business. It’s difficult to begin training your staff without a clear idea of what the issues are. Some of your people may not even be trainable.   About 32% of current sales people are either not trainable or shouldn’t be in sales. How many of your people do you suspect are in this group?
If your sales people have the critical success elements, Desire, Commitment, Outlook, and Responsibility you are the road to achievement.   Can you measure desire and commitment?   Can you tell what kind of outlook your staff has? Can you measure the responsibility your people have? OMG’s Sales Evaluation Assessments will provide a 35 page individual assessment of each of your sales people to tell you exactly how well this person is compared to other successful salespeople. You’ll get a rating that tells you how they stack up and how much potential they have to improve. 
If I sound like I’m selling Objective Management Groups Sales Assessment, that’s okay because I am. I believe in it.   As a former broadcast sales manager for nearly 20 years I know how important it is to have good sales people. Cavett Robert said, “There’s no trick getting sales from a sales person, the trick is to get that extraordinary drive and determination, the will to fight and win, in there in the first place.”
Finding the right sales people is much different than finding an employee for any other position in your business. Desire, Commitment, Outlook, and Responsibility are at a premium in this position, at least if you wish to hire performers. 
Review your current sales staff. Ask yourself how you would rank them in each of these crucial success elements.   Give them a ranking on a scale of 0 -10.   My bet is that your best performers will score highest when you total the scores up.

Sales Person Name

Would you like to know objectively how they stack up as well as how their hidden weaknesses are preventing them from performing better?
How long will you allow your business to perform at a mediocre level especially when you know the tools to increase sales and improve sales performance are available to you right now?
Next blog will talk about awareness and how the lack of it allows us to deceive ourselves into believing things are all right even when they are not. It’s the biggest advantage to having a coach or someone you value to mentor and support you in your business. 

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