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Since Michael Jackson’s passed away I can’t seem to get the song “Man in the Mirror” out of my head. Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head and no matter what you do you can’t get it out?   Record Collection, Objective Management Group’s last of five hidden weaknesses is like that.   When you have self limiting thoughts or beliefs, these feelings and experiences sabotage your ability to be successful in selling.
Rocky our instructor noted that in many cases you don’t even have to leave the office. These self limiting beliefs have predetermined the outcome of your performance. 
While the self-limiting beliefs in one’s record collection will not completely derail a salesperson or flag a candidate from being hired they are important to understand and recognize in order to improve performance. Reprogramming non supportive record collection can improve sales person performance about 25%.
We’ve looked at the five hidden weaknesses of your sales people, if you’re like me I’m sure you’d like to know the four critical success elements that key high sales performance. You probably have a good sense of what they are already. Objective Management Group pointed out that this group is not only responsible for high achievement but are also critical in determining whether a candidate is trainable or not. A key point in Objective Management’s Sales Evaluations is that they provide which of your current sales people and sales candidates have which of the five hidden weaknesses and then whether they are trainable or not. The tests actually provide a potential growth number for each candidate or salesperson.   We explore the four critical sales success elements in a subsequent blog, but first I sum up the five hidden weaknesses in my next blog.  

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