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Each week as business owners we have a lot of priorities and seldom do we consciously plan to get updates on what’s new in business. As the leader of your team I admire you if you are currently proactive each week and perhaps even each day to keep up on the country and global economy, if you subscribe to any number of the options available for business magazines and receive feeds and newsletters from sources you respect.  
If you are looking for help with keeping yourself updated on trends and learning what other small and medium sized business are doing to compete and keep up to date I urge you to subscribe to Verne Harnish’s newsletter. Verne is the author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, has been voted one of the top ten minds for Small Business by Fortune Small Business Magazine and does an exceptional job in these newsletters of breaking down trends, revealing key insights and offering terrific articles to read. You can get a quick update each week in about ten minutes or less, the length it requires to read his newsletter.    You can simply go to this link and input your information. 
In the past week I learned from Verne’s Newsletter what some of the best small businesses in America are providing for their employees in terms of training, health care benefits and pension, got an update on what the global economy is doing and how it affects us here in the US and how we affect the world, plus a document that offered one successful companies daily basics that help them keep the company’s core values at the forefront of their employees, instilling pride, dedication and a sense of esprit de corps
I encourage you to become a subscriber.

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