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MONDAY, MAY 12TH, 2008
A recent conversation with a sales representative who was attempting to sell me his product helped to remind me of one of the steps we should all be making in our efforts to help our prospects understand the value of our proposition.
At the close of our conversions the sales rep gently reminded me that in delaying me decision to purchase I would be faced with consequences that would ultimately have an impact on my business. I may have been some what aware of this, but his directive heightened my awareness, and while I didn’t immediately make the purchase it has since increased the urgency and tempo of my discovery and decision making process.
In your business, what are the consequences your prospects face by not moving ahead with the decision to purchase your product or service?   Have you thought about these and are you in any form providing these to your prospect during your sales conversion process?   If not you may wish to brainstorm these ideas and develop a documented list of consequences that customers will either not receive or face when they fail to proceed with your product or services.
There is a psychology of selling that is often ignored when we are in front of our prospects. Emotion is the key to driving any sale, and often times we focus only on the positive aspects of doing business with us.   Not getting something is often a more driving force than acquiring it. In many people, avoiding something is a more powerful force to decision making than attaining it. Review Scarcity from Dr. Robert Cialdini’s Persuasion Principle #2 in my blog to reinforce the power this offers. 
How many times has your purchase decision been spurred by what you might not get as opposed to what you will?   My wife’s whole Christmas shopping approach is based on avoiding the large lines, traffic congestion and fear of not getting what she wants, and thus she shops early, very early!   I hate shopping, so frequently I will go during times when I know stores will not be busy and when possible shop on the Internet. 
What is the behavior that drives your customers? Have you thought in terms of what they’d like to avoid as much as what they’d like to achieve?
Wouldn’t you like to be able to avoid stressful situations? Wouldn’t you like to not have constant interruptions and be concerned about the performance of your staff and your business when your not there?   These are just a few of the consequences our customers face by not having a coach to help them. 
One of my clients offered a discount to purchase that day during the presentation. The consequence of not deciding now was automatically built into every one of his closing propositions.
Determine what consequences your prospects face when they decide not to do business with you and make sure you include them in your presentation. When done right you will see an immediate increase in your closing ratio and sales. 

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