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Business is Falling from the Sky?


One of our Gazelles Coaching strategic partners is Objective Management Group. OMG provides crucial insights to maximize sales performance in your organization through Sales Screening Tests and Sales Evaluations of your sales management and team.

A lot of owners want to see results quickly.   As noted in my blog Leadership Lessons from: Julie & Julia – Talent is Overrated success doesn’t come over night. Dave Kurlan, president of Objective Management Group agrees noting in his book Baseline Selling that salespeople are not born, they are trained. Yet he recently posted a blog How to Get Business to Drop Out of the Sky that suggests that you can get results quickly. Before you believe that getting sales or turning your business around is as easy as rubbing a magic lantern I suggest you read his post.

I’ve been working with small and mid-sized businesses now for over 30 years, and 10 plus years as a business coach and consultant. One of our clients had his best quarter and best month ever in his history. Another boosted revenue this past year by 86%. In each of these cases it was not a miracle turnaround but the steady progression of best practices and improvements in their efforts that lead to their growth.

Putting the right strategic disciplines in place is the key to your growth this year. In order to achieve any degree of success you need to have the internal discipline to choose the right priorities, focus on the right metrics and then communicate routinely to make sure you are in tune with your employees and customers.

I'll have some additional thoughts about sales disciplines and the #1 capability of the human brain in subsequent blogs this week.  

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