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Leadership - The Importance of Taking Action



A week ago Monday I had to take my basketball officials test again. Officiating basketball games is my hobby. Yet there’s a lot in the game of basketball and sports in general that applies itself to business because it is so competitive. If you watch or participate in any game with officials there’s usually some discussion on why a call was made or not made. It reminds me that the team that is most assertive, or initiates the action appears to be favored by the officials.
One problem with our current academic system is in school you can be passive, do your homework, score well on tests and you are rewarded with good grades. In school passive behavior can make you an honor student. Yet that’s hardly a good barometer of how well you will do in life. All of us know classmates who weren’t worth a lick at school yet went on to be very successful. In real life action dictates results. That’s not to say that any action provides the right outcome, yet the person who initiates action, makes corrections until they get the right results is a winner and can make a success of themselves. 
There a lots of quotes on the value of taking action, to paraphrase one, the universe rewards action! 
Leadership requires action. The activity you do as the leader reflects your values, your confidence, your enthusiasm. Actions are contagious. So is attitude. In fact the research shows that 85% of our success in life is a result of our attitude. 
My first position as general manager of a radio station I can recall getting to work early every morning, listening to a series of tapes by Brain Tracy entitled the Psychology of Achievement. In this series Tracy revealed a formula for human potential that significantly impacted my awareness of the value of your attitude.  How important is attitude?   I’ll share this formula for Human Potential next blog.

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