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The Greatest Force on the Planet



Do you know the greatest force on the face of the earth?
If you have teenagers, you probably run into it daily. In fact it would be surprising that you don’t run into it yourself each and every day.
One of my clients Ted Muegenburg Jr. Meta Law is an estate attorney in California and I must give him credit for this observation. As he struggled to take on a task of discovering a lateral attorney and a succession plan for his business he ran smack into this force repeatedly. He recognized it again once he had overcome this force when he once again realized he would be challenged by it with the next activity we were discussing.
The greatest force on the planet is – inertia.     Newton’s first law of physics states that an object will remain in motion or stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.
That’s why one of the most valuable properties we have in our business is our ability to take action. The universe rewards action. Unfortunately many of us are too busy working harder not smarter, however that is a discussion for another blog.
The point is if you can defy and defeat the law of inertia you have the potential for great achievement. Certainly we must focus on the right priorities, however don’t ever decrease the critical need to take action.
When choosing employees, those that take initiative are always the most valuable and sought after. If you are a self starter, congratulations have overcome Newton’s first law of physics through your own motivation source within you. 

My recent newsletter on Themes offered some ideas on how to get greater engagement from your staff.  Next blog we’ll discuss the value of themes and how they contribute to sparking initiative plus provide an example of how to measure success.

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