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January 2009

Talent Review

How many A players are on your team right now?   To know this, first we should define what exactly the term A player means. An A-player represents the top ten percent of the talent available at a given salary level. A players are considered the best-of-class in their particular compensation... More > >

Posted: Friday January 30th, 2009

Interview Scorecard

Would you like to know how you can tell an A player from a B or C player? Its actually pretty simple. A players love accountability. They want to be measured. They want a score card on how well they are doing.  If you were to go through your current staff, ask yourself how many of them... More > >

Posted: Friday January 23rd, 2009   Updated: 5/7/2010

3 Hour Interview

Can you imagine taking three hours to interview a candidate for a position in your business? What could you possibly discuss for three hours? 
I recently had the opportunity to interview three sales prospects for one of my clients. In our Rockefeller [Gazelles] coaching habits we urge our... More > >

Posted: Monday January 19th, 2009


The pace of the world seems to keep increasing. Were all faced with multiple tasks to complete, activities and projects to start, news, articles to read to keep up with, people demanding our attention or people we should be demanding to pay attention to us. There is never an end to the things we... More > >

Posted: Tuesday January 13th, 2009