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Why do people quit E-Myth Mastery?

This is a two part question in that there are clients who succeed and eventually quit or disengage from the program, and then there are clients who start and quit and never get the full results from the program. Since this question is often asked in the discovery phase for a prospect who is considering entering E-Myth Mastery I will answer this part of the question first.

Owners and people who have an entrepreneurial seizure are an interesting group. Indeed the very strength they have to start a business can be their undoing. They are independent, and they want more of independence and view owning a business as a way to increase that. So for many of them the work of E-Myth Mastery is a way to gain more independence and freedom from their business. That’s what they ultimately want. Accountability is not often something they want. Many of us are still prone to the belief that changes can come as quickly as the button we have for turning , , our TV, CD or microwave on and off. Many of the people who fail are looking for that miracle moment or instant gratification that is so prevalent in society today.

At the core of this, and for anyone wishing to have lasting change in their life, is the understanding that in order to change, we first must change. Many owners are unwilling or unable to do this. Too many of us look for something to happen “out there.” If only I had more money. If only people would appreciate me, or if only my employees were more dedicated.

The solution to changing the business is not “out there”. It’s “in here.” Inside the owner of the business. The business is a reflection of the owner. In fact your business is a perfect mirror of you. If it’s organized or chaotic you can bet the owner is one or the other. If it is highly ethical and moral in its principles, you can rest assured that this is a reflection of the owner and your principles.

So why do people quit at the front end? They are unwilling or unable to make changes to themselves. I have had clients who want to solve certain aspects of their business immediately. Improve my sales, fix my operations, get me more capital, they demand. I need to get this fixed fast. The reality is that this problem didn’t happen overnight, and consequently it won’t be fixed overnight. The real problem is that the change that needs to take place first is in the owner. If they fail to recognize this, all any changes will do, will be to place a band aid on their problem. Underneath the bandage, the problem will still be there.

Behavior change is critical to operational change. And it starts with the owner having a new view of him/herself as the leader and steward of the business. Your actions will power the business to the heights he/she intends. Contrary to belief this change can happen overnight. The results might not be seen because your actions will need to impact the business, but the decision to change one’s behavior can be immediate. We can change who we are if we understand the result will be a different impact than what is currently happening and we truly want that outcome.

Here’s a good analogy of the power of an owner’s changing. People viewing a dam when the water is unleashed might view it and say, wow, there’s real power! In reality the power in that dam is at the base of it. That’s were the real power is, and why the base of the dam has to be so wide.

In your business the power is in the owner. Your vision, your action, your spirit are the governor on how successful any business is and becomes. It’s no mystery why, when you see a truly great business, you see people who respect the owner. The values, consistency and quality these businesses represent can be seen right through to their owner. Sure there can be exceptions to this rule, but rarely are they seen, and rarely is any success sustained for an owner who doesn’t significantly share the values and integrity of his business.

Success is an inside job. The business owners that have success in E-Myth Mastery realize that as well. Why do they quit? Because they’ve attained what they came to the program to provide them with. We are not the only solution, but the tools we provide can help any business owner succeed from the inside out with his business. These successful E-Myth Mastery clients realize this and know their success will continue as long as they honor the rules for working ON their business, and continue to work on improving themselves and their business to be a reflection of their values.

Are you willing to make the changes to yourself to achieve the success you and your business deserve?

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