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“I don’t understand what this E-Myth Coaching process is all about? How can you and this program help me with my business? What can I expect to gain from this? What kind of commitment does it take and how long before I see results?”

There’s no short answer to this question, although if you’ve read any of Michael Gerber’s books it would be helpful. Certainly these are not alone on the subject since there are many other good books that highlight the same concept to free the small business owner from the confines of being a slave to his/her business. Another excellent book to read for a more pragmatic approach is Daniel M. Murphy’s “Becoming a Strategic Business Owner.”

The tools of the E-Myth Mastery Program were developed through extensive research of the best small/large size business practices and mostly written by an excellent author Alex Alexander. These written documents, CD’s and business exercises offer a structured approach to moving any small business owner from the place where he is currently at in his business (this could be a variety of areas including 100% full time technician to full blown disengaged entrepreneur) to the stage where his business can operate fully without any direct involvement on his part. This effort usually requires three years of 2-3 meetings a month and minimum 5-8 hours of strategic work a week dedicated to the work of transforming your business. We recommend anyone wishing to start the program look at this as at least a 12-18 month commitment, although there is no contract that requires you to remain committed beyond a 30 day notice. Positioning Systems/ABDynamics also offers a three meeting guarantee. If for any reason after three meetings a client feels the program is not moving them in the direction they expected they can cancel and receive a full refund on their program fees upon return of the program materials.

Results don’t come overnight. Strategic work generally takes time to show up in your business. It’s not like the switch you turn on for instant light. If you’re expecting that, this isn’t the program for you. Indeed there isn’t a program for transforming your business that can offer that, and I’d suggest if you’re looking for instantaneous results run away from any firm that promises you this because it simply doesn’t happen that way. As Jim Collins in Good to Great offers, it takes steady consistent pressure on the fly wheel to generate significant results which take often years to show up.

This is not to say that you won’t see results, but don’t expect dramatic returns immediately. Those clients that do often were very close to a breakthrough when we began to work with them and our services provided the catalyst or spark to generate the tangible rewards. Most clients begin to see an immediate change in their approach. Often that means less pressure and a better attitude about their busin, ess. When they begin to realize that every frustration is due to the lack of a system and that blaming others, circumstances or themselves serves no purpose, but rather that energy is better focused on developing systems that transformation begins. Unsettling events that might have ruptured their day are quite as unsettling. A lost sale or poor performing employees is not the end of the world, but an opportunity to improve.

The balance between emotion and structure or objectivity is a delicate one in your business. We need to know when to harness emotions for positive results and avoid them for the negative discharge which often disenfranchises our employees or even our clients. The tools we provide give an owner, their managers and employees the ability to recognize when objectivity should be applied and when it is necessary to respond emotionally. I believe that sets a business apart and provides for a harmony that breeds success.

Many of our clients achieve remarkable success, 50%+ increase in revenues, dramatic turnarounds in profits and cash flow, and freedom from being a slave to their business. Yet those who really get it and make the most of their investment realize something far greater. Because this process starts with you the owner, they enjoy a wealth of life they’d never realized before. From the very beginning the clarity of what they really want, and what truly fulfills them is provided through discovery of their Primary Aim. Building their business so it can provide them the freedom to live consciously, dedicated to the highest principles they believe in is truly the greatest gift the program provides.

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