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Articles > Positioning Systems Newsletter # 56 4-25-06 "Resistance is futile!"

Are there any common characteristics that seem to be shared by clients who do well with the business development process? Is there anything I can learn from those clients in the business development program that do well?

Are you an optimist? Do you truly enjoy your life and look forward to each day? Joy is truly the start of achieving everything you want, and the most powerful and successful people live and enjoy the moment. One of my clients, Matthew Ferry, recently invited me to a seminar he presented entitled "The Mental Journey to Millions." As I participated a number of the major elements he offered became clear to me as what separates those who achieve success in the business development program from those that do not. Matthew talks about several important ingredients to achieving success but two of those most important are contribution and attraction. Matthew Ferry has a very engaging style, and one of his hallmarks is the authenticity that he offers. He’s not afraid to admit his mistakes, in fact as he told his Company Story to the group he was more than willing to let them know that he had been for a long time a charming liar. He would do anything to gain approval. He finally recognized his , fatal flaw watching other public speakers and realized that the very thing he despised in them was what he disliked most in himself.

So what is it that separates the great from the good or the great in this quest to achieve success in our businesses? Matthew’s recognition of authenticity offers a key. In one of our very first business development meetings we work with our clients to discover their Primary Aim. Call it what you wish here, your core value, mission statement, passion, etc., but the truth of this process is that it forces our clients to discover who they really are. Some clients do this better than others. Some are simply not willing to discover their authentic self and in failing to do so overlook their innate value and virtues. The key to discovering your authentic self is not so much that you become aware of it as much as what it reveals. It provides for you the place where you can make your greatest level of contribution. As Matthew so effectively points out, no one is an island. In fact the greatest influencer on the planet will have no power whatsoever without anyone else to influence. As he states it, "all power lies in others. Selfishness is an illegitimate pursuit." Almost every Primary Aim has within it a measure of contribution. It offers the recognition that rewards come when we are engaged in the service to others.

So at the first level I submit that the clients who are successful are aware of where their most significant contribution should be and are actively engaged in making a contribution that closely aligns with their Primary Aim. I can give you many illustrations of this. One client coaches high school basketball and recently began coaching children at the grade school level. Another is actively involved in supporting the Miracle Network; another is an orthodontist who every year spends at least one week administering to third world children’s dental needs. The real evidence of their awareness is their willingness to put their contribution into action.

The other ingredient is perhaps more subtle in nature. It is the law of attraction. The E-Myth Point of View strongly suggests this principle. Many E-Myth clients are caught up in the realm of do it, do it, do it. Instead the need to create a vision and participate in feeling good about the direction you are going in is the key to success. The law of attraction is indisputable. We all know people who appear to do very little yet success appears to literally fall in their laps. These people are engaged in living the truth of the law of attraction. Your Strategic Objective is intended to provide you with a vision of what your business will look like when it’s finally done. Too many people can create this vision and yet when it’s completed only look at it and say, "Well that’s going to take a lot of work to make that happen." They’re still in the technician mode suffering from the eternal gloom and doom of having to do it all themselves. If you believe in the law of attraction then you recognize that large goals and positive feelings will attract like people. If you desire to make others feel good, and your vision makes you feel good then it will naturally attract people who will support you. Expect miracles and they occur!

Crafting a clear vision of who you are (Primary Aim) and what you want your business to become (Strategic Objective) are essential tools to building a life that provides you with contribution and attraction, two of the critical ingredients that separate the successful from unsuccessful clients.

Evolution of these ideas builds as the client becomes more and more aware of their vision and their desire to contribute. As it does their universe expands and their success grows exponentially.

Finally there would appear to be one other contributor to those clients that become successful. Accountability. Some clients set these new goals and attempt to make changes but then continue to complain about their circumstances. Talking about what you don’t want creates accountability. You must begin to envision your future and enjoy the emotion of the victory achieved already. Perhaps their goals were too small for them since small promises can suck you dry, where as bold promises give you energy. If you want to achieve great success you must associate with others who align with your vision. If the people around you are likely to pull you down, maybe you need a change in your scenery of friends.

Many of our clients love the tools we provide but agree that one of the most important aspects of the program is having someone who will support them in their dreams and provide them with accountability to meet their goals. Too frequently they have made promises but have not had anyone willing to hold them responsible for living up to them.

Are you aware of who you are and what your passion is? Are you clear about the vision that your business and life should look like in order for you to get excited about your life? Finally are you being accountable to living up to the potential of your dreams and aspirations? If you are then you truly know that resistance is futile. Your dream can be a reality. Enjoy the journey!

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